While growers were working flat out this summer, TurfBreed behind the scenes began another enormous shoot of myhomeTURF varietal and information videos and images.

All nine varieties were featured in their own video alongside accompanying images with filming shot on happy customers front or back yards.

And to add to the information Lawn Tips section on the myhomeTURF website, fertilising, drought, grey water and many other key topics were also covered.

In short, these assets are for all TurfBreed growers to use as key marketing tools for their businesses and clearly define why our varieties are becoming some of the most well-known grasses on the market.

The Rollout

The complete suite of varietal videos have been released for you to use. The videos can be previewed on the TurfBreed Facebook Hub or myhomeTURF YouTube channel. On release the Varietal videos initiated much engagement from followers.

Already myhomeTURF has featured some of the Varietal videos – Empire Zoysia,  Native Nara Zoysia and Prestige Buffalo on Facebook or Instagram and provided examples of how you can incorporate these videos into your social media.

In addition to the videos, the TurfBreed team is finalising stills imagery which we will use to update current promotional material and for future use, and these images will be made available for TurfBreed growers to use.

TurfBreed’s managing director, Steve Burt said a big thank you must go out to the many growers that helped source the key variety locations for the shoot and introduced their valued customers to us for the purpose of filming.

Filmed across Queensland’s Gold and Sunshine Coast as well as Toowoomba, myhomeTURF’s film crews and front man Adam Thornton travelled to 13 different locations.

TurfBreed’s communications manager Katie Fisher said that prior to developing scripts and filming, research was done to identify the main queries customers had in regard to lawns.

“This enabled us to create content to suit these queries and subsequently shoot information videos for both growers to use and for the myhomeTURF marketing suite,” Katie said.

First class crew

A highlight of the two-week shooting stint was having a very professional crew, who were used to working on big productions from Netflix or documentaries such as the ABC’s Big Weather, completely embrace the content and really assist in making sure myhomeTURF filmed, and took the best images, of all varieties.

“By day three, we had the crew able to help find the ‘perfect’ leaf blade and also understand the difference between Zoysias and Buffalo grasses,” Katie explained.

“If they were able to take in the content so energetically, hopefully, we will have many turf customers do the same thing.

“It also came down to Adam’s enthusiasm in talking about our varieties. Testimonials at all the places where we filmed were shot of the happy ‘turf’ owner explaining why they chose that particular variety – it was truly gold as it was totally unscripted.”

Directing the whole event was award winning film and documentary director Michael Angus from Jerrycan Films.

With a background in theatre, Michael has worked across several different storytelling mediums including film, TV and live performance. In fact, Michael’s documentary films have won numerous awards, screened at festivals and with broadcasters throughout the World.

A local himself, Michael took up the challenge to produce a collection of myhomeTURF videos and images that can be used in different social media and website mediums.

TurfBreed looks forward to growers’ feedback as they are released over the coming months.