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Powerup Lawncare Products (PLP) is part of Roy Gripske and Sons which was established in 1964 and has been providing world class products to the Australian outdoor power equipment industry for more than 50 years.

PLP offers a wide range of turf harvester parts to suit Brower, Beck, Kesmac, Trebo, Ryan, Poyntz and Texas. From Turf Cutter Blades, Cut Off Blades, Belts, Rotary Bars, Bedknives and much more, PLP offers the turf grower community a  variety of high quality, commercial grade parts, with first class service and customer support.

The PLP product range has continued to grow and prosper over the years and has expanded to have warehouses in all major states in Australia.

Our mission – at PLP, is to be the most efficient and reliable supplier of aftermarket spare parts to turf growers across the Country as we are already in some areas and as we are nationally distributed to a majority of the Outdoor Power Equipment industry.

Turf growers can rely on all of the products distributed by PLP, as they are built to a high-quality standard and tailored to the Australian conditions using the latest technology.

For further information on Powerup Lawncare Products please E: or contact Shaun Glading at M: 0437 797 640