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Turf Growers Direct is a collection of turf growers that are passionate about delivering high-valued, high quality, freshly harvested lawn through to Bunnings customers whether they be homeowners, landscapers or tradies. 

The decision to purchase a new lawn is a considered choice, so Turf Growers Direct has specially chosen varieties that suit any environment whether it be a backyard, roadside or parkland.

All lawn is freshly cut and Turf Growers Direct prides itself on delivering it to the customer as soon after harvest as possible. Fresh is best! 
All lawn varieties can be purchased, either directly from a New South Wales Bunnings store at, the Customers Order Desk, the Nursery, the Trade Desk, or alternately Online. 

Regardless of how a customer purchases their lawn, it can either be delivered direct to their door or they can collect it at a Bunnings store.

Contact Liz on 0419 420 084

Turf Growers Direct is currently servicing New South Wales Bunnings stores.