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Since 2010, FireFly Equipment has applied the most current engineering tools to solve challenges in the turf industry. Headquartered in North Salt Lake, Utah, FireFly has a growing international customer base, now with a dealership in Australia.

FlyFly’s mission is to be in the business of creating value for turf growers by combining proven best-of-breed technologies with new innovations and first-class service.

FireFly improves turf growers lives by solving problems through creative disciplined engineering, operational excellence, and epic teamwork.

The Company manufactures automated, self-propelled equipment for niche agricultural markets, such as turf, more efficiently than any other equipment vendor in their market sector.

In 2016, FireFly designed a revolutionary new turf harvesting machine, the ProSlab 155, which combined cutting-edge mechanical, electrical, and software systems based on the LabVIEW RIO architecture. The machine consistently stacks turf slabs over millions of cycles per year, which improves speed and reliability greatly.

In 2018, Firefly launched the M220, a revolutionary self-propelled, hybrid turf mower that enables the fastest precision cut possible, while decreasing the average cost per acre. Like FireFly’s ProSlab 155 turf harvester, the mower was designed and purpose-built from the ground-up to be the most efficient mowing machine on the market.

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