stadium sports couch lawn

Life is short, play on Stadium®

Stadium® Sports Couch is bred for both the homeowner and sporting arena and is the darkest green Couch available.

Botanical Name: Cynodon dactylon.



  • High drought tolerance
  • Very high wear tolerance
  • Low thatch
  • Fast runners provide quick wear recovery
  • Slower upward leaf growth
  • Fine leaf texture which creates a lush, manicured look
  • Produces little seed head (a common irritant for people with allergies)


  • Stadium® Sports Couch is an improved hybrid Couch significantly part of the next generation of breeding.
  • Stadium® Sports Couch has a naturally dark green colour, much darker than other Couch types, which delivers a more visual appeal.
  • Stadium® Sports Couch is great for warmer climates, even hot and humid areas, with no major thatch issues.
  • Stadium® Sports Couch has very little seed head production which minimises mowing requirements.
  • Stadium® Sports Couch has a manicured appearance – excellent for televised and live sports viewing.
  • Stadium® Sports Couch has fast and aggressive runner growth and a very good dense stolon base for quick recovery from damage and wear.
  • Stadium® Sports Couch has lower maintenance due to slower leaf growth and minimal seed head production.
  • Stadium® Sports Couch rhizomes are deep enough to be away from the sportswear zone.
  • Stadium® Sports Couch responds well to over sowing with Rye Grass in cooler climates due to its moderate thatch level.