palmetto soft leaf buffalo grass

Toughest yet. Nothing out wears OZTUFF

OZTUFF™  Couch is a home-bred grass well able to cope with Australia’s harsh conditions.

Botanical Name: Cynodon dactylon.

PBR: Oz-E-Green 2004/035.


  • High drought tolerance
  • Strong resistance to insects and diseases
  • Moderate thatch layers which provide greater wearability and recovery
  • Excellent for high wear recreational and sports areas
  • High tolerance to salt
  • Year-round dark green colour
  • Retains colour in poorer quality soils
  • Soft to the touch and underfoot
  • Produces little seed head (a common irritant for people with allergies)


  • OZTUFF Couch’s fine leaf is soft to the touch and dense underfoot.
  • OZTUFF Couch’s extensive deep root system aids with drought tolerance and wear recovery.
  • OZTUFF has the highest salt tolerance of any Couch variety, making it suitable for coastal areas and pool sides.
  • OZTUFF Couch tolerates low water quality, such as recycled water and site
    run-off water.
  • OZTUFF Couch maintains a natural dark green colour and grows well even in poorer quality soils where nutrition would be considered inadequate for other turf varieties.
  • OZTUFF Couch is a highly attractive ornamental grass when well maintained.
  • OZTUFF Couch requires very low fertiliser inputs to maintain a deep dark green colour.
  • OZTUFF Couch was ranked #1 for wear tolerance in a 4-year Horticultural Australia Limited study (TU08018). Data collected mirrored results seen in the field where it was planted on sports fields receiving high use.
  • OZTUFF Couch has a moderate thatch layer which provides greater wear resistance.
  • OZTUFF Couch has demonstrated it can handle saltwater levels 50% that of sea water (TU06006 & TU02005).
  • OZTUFF Couch is a dark green coloured turf.