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TurfBreed’s TurfRND Research Facility has undertaken a huge commitment to develop, expand and maintain the genetic breeding of both new and existing turf varieties. The aim is to be the most respected commercial turf research facility operating in Australia. The TurfRND Research Facility contains a pipeline of new varieties and fundamental research projects.

The Queensland-based TurfRND Research Facility has a pipeline of new varieties on the way.

TurfBreed is in partnership with the United States (US) company, Mountain View Seeds – a major breeder of cool season grasses – who owns worldwide marketing rights to IronCutter the latest in elite hybrid Bermudagrass genetics.

TurfBreed’s TurfRND  has successfully imported IronCutter onto Australian shores and is currently undergoing testing and evaluation of the grass across a range of growing conditions to ensure it is suitable for the diverse Australian market.

TurfBreed has also partnered with the University of Queensland reviewing a substantial collection of warm-season grasses which have the potential to improve genetics for both turfgrass and forage varieties.

This work also will form the foundations for a leading-edge domestic breeding program and help TurfBreed pioneer a new era of turfgrasses specifically bred and adapted to Australia’s diverse and challenging conditions.

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