my home turf website


As part of TurfBreed’s marketing strategy we developed the myhomeTURF (MHT) brand, which is the consumer face and retail focus of the Company. The MHT website ( was launched in June 2018 and since then has established an average of more than 60,000 sessions a month with continual growth.

myhomeTURF’s philosophy is based on the fact that today’s lawns are all about making the consumer happy. Soft leaf, low maintenance and tough wear and tear are just some of the great traits that are offered from different lawn varieties.

The myhomeTURF site is where consumers have easy access to advice on what would be the best lawn variety for them and their climate, tips on lawn maintenance, and lastly a direct connection to the growers who can give expert advice and sell direct to the consumer.

Most importantly the myhomeTURF 3-quote system offers customers the option to find what they believe is the best valued turf product that suits their needs.