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TurfPlus® is a pleased to assist a number of Turfbreed growers with their endeavours towards greater compliance and quality.

TurfPlus® is a novel and unique system that allows Turfgrowers to manage five separate areas of compliance:

Work Health & Safety (WHS), Environmental Management (EMS), Chain of Responsibility in transport (COR), Human Resources  (IR) and Quality Assurance (QA).

TurfPlus® provides the training, tools and resources as well as the cloud record keeping that helps growers to achieve best practice in their management and excellence in their turf production.

TurfPlus® is delivered on an ongoing subscription-type-basis across three levels of commitment, depending on the size of operation and the levels of training and record-keeping required.


There are three components in the delivery of the TurfPlus® program:

Resources . . . are the documents – policies & procedures and much more

System . . . . . . the Cloud-Based Record System that underpins the program

Training . .  . . .External RTO and onsite TurfPlus® Toolbox-type training


Behind the mechanics of TurfPlus® are a dedicated group of people that work to help Turfgrowers improve their compliance and lower their risk-exposure.

Many TurfPlus® growers use the functionality of TurfPlus® to help take them to external certification. This can range from Australian Standards Through to ISO Certification.

The TurfPlus® Integrated Management System is designed to allow growers to more easily progress to ISO Certifications should they require.

The Turfplus® team can assist growers achieve ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification standards.

Turf Quality for varieties that fall under the standard can also be certified to the Australian Seeds Authority’s TurfCert® Certification program.

For more information contact Turfplus® now at

Contact David Raison email: or phone: 0413 837 837

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