It has never been easier to BORROW thanks to a thriving Ag sector

It’s good news for turf growers and the entire agriculture farming sector – 2021/22 will see financial approvals becoming easier to obtain as banks re-introduce low document finance, specifically developed for agricultural clients. Kate Fisher reports.

Following some of the biggest agricultural collapses of the past decade banks have really made it extremely hard for growers so the news that financial borrowing has become much each falls on welcome ears.

According to Peter Nicholls from Trident-Finance, put simply it means turf growers now have much easier access to money.

“The financial constraints have been eased so growers can now more easily buy land, machinery and cars because the agriculture sector is going so strong,” he said.

Peter also stressed to growers to “…not be scared to import”.

“Interests rates have never been cheaper, and funds have never been easier to come by, so now is the time to upgrade your equipment to help increase your overall productivity,” he added.

“Banks have realised how important agriculture is right now with the sustained growth of the industry during COVID-19 and have made it easier to obtain finance for items such as machinery required for your business.

“Banks definitely want to be a part of this success and are reengaging.

“To summarise, providing finance for turf machinery built overseas is a big part of what the banks are doing, to assist growers in the agricultural and farming industries.”

Agriculture has now once again become so important to the economy that more banks have established specific Agricultural Departments. Trident Commercial Finance has access to all of these to secure the best rate for turf growers.