TurfBreed is proud to introduce the Essential Lawn Guide which incorporates the varietal, technical and lawn care tips and resources produced by our retail branding – myhomeTURF – for our customers, suppliers and farmers.

The production of this Essential Lawn Guide was inspired by TurfBreed’s commitment to helping our farmers, via our myhomeTURF brand, support their customers in understanding that successfully preparing, installing, laying and caring for a lawn is a wonderful and satisfying experience.

And why wouldn’t we, when myhomeTURF’s hardworking family of 100+ farmers nation-wide throw their passion and knowledge into producing the best turf in the Country.

As choosing and laying a lawn is often a once in a lifetime event, the Essential Lawn Guide aims to provide guidance for lawn owners for every key part of the journey, including soil preparation, turf laying, lawn maintenance, managing pests and disease, watering and mowing.

And maintaining turf is rewarding! There is a special sort of satisfaction in mowing one’s lawn on a weekend morning, then spending the rest of the day smelling the freshly cut grass and watching the family and pets play – not to mention showing it off to friends and neighbours!

The Essential Lawn Guide also introduces all the myhomeTURF varieties that our family of farmers grow across Australia and will assist customers to learn and understand which variety is best suited to their lifestyle and location.

For our farmer and licenced reseller network, the Essential Lawn Guide will be available in soft copy, in individual sections co-branded with your logos for distribution to customers to aid in their preparation, post laying and ongoing lawn care. Please discuss access to this with your TurfBreed Business Development Manager.

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ goes out to all the myhomeTURF Farmers who have made this guide possible.