Abulk Turf Project – Parramatta Light Rail

Project Specifications:

Turf Variety – Abulk Turf supplied Nara Native Zoysia and Palmetto Buffalo
Surface Area – 48m2

The NSW Government has decided to include up to 1km of green track in the $2.4 billion Parramatta Light Rail Project. Green track is commonly used overseas where groundcovers or grass is planted between and beside the light rail tracks. It helps increase biodiversity, reduce noise and air pollution and cool urban environments.

Two varieties of turf are being tested to see which will be most suitable. In June 2020, the Nara Zoysia and Palmetto Buffalo were laid in a 12m x 4m above ground prototype.

As part of the field test – which will run for at least a year and possibly longer – the turf is checked twice a week for plant and root growth and the prototype is mowed as required. The irrigation system also is adjusted manually each month to adapt to the expected rainfall.

Abulk Turf supplied the turf and it was installed by HL Landscapes.